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Business can be very competitive these days and finding a customer can be such a challenge. It is tough to grab the attention of target customers especially today wherein most companies have turned to digital marketing. You need to have a high-quality and innovative website to get customer's attention. Some individuals base their evaluation of a site in the features of the company's site. If the web pages of your site often have errors and too complex to manage, there is a huge possibility that your customers will jump to your rival in business.

Of course, no entrepreneurs would wish of losing their customers. Then, what can you do to attract them to your website? The WordPress is a company which offers software, platform, and web hosting services to any individual. Their services include creating a website, web hosting, and provides plugins to boost the performance of your site. It is easy to get started with WordPress; you can view the wordpress tutorials for more details on this matter.

Pixel Cat is one of the best plugins you must have for your website. This application is a Facebook pixel manager which helps you to install Facebook pixel with ease and monitor its activities on your site. Today, people use Facebook every hour of their life. This social media networking site lets a person socialize and establish a relationship with other people around the globe. However, Facebook is not solely for socialization purposes. Facebook is now the window of businesses into a wider source for customer targets. For this reason, Facebook includes advertisement services into one of their services.

Facebook ads are managed by Facebook pixel managers such as Pixel Cat. If you want to boost the marketability and number of your customers, you must install Facebook pixel on Wordpress. This tool will help you to monitor your Facebook ads and track the conversions that occurred on your site.

Here are the steps which will serve as your blueprint for creating Facebook pixel for your website.

  1. Go to the Ads Manager; ads create tool or Power Editor by browsing into your search engine. Once you have searched one of this sites, click 'tools' which is indicated on the top menu of Ads Manager.
  2. Click now the 'create pixel.'
  3. Click the 'View Pixel Code.' Copy the code which is displayed on your screen.
  4. After copying the code, the next step is to add the pixel to your website. Place the code between the located in the code of the web page which you will track your conversions. If installing the pixel is successful, you still have to verify before you start using pixel. Once you have installed the pixel on your site, the application will immediately track the conversions from the activities of your customers including the last check out page.

There are countless advantages of using Facebook Pixel. Aside from utilizing the Facebook pixel to track conversions, you can also optimize your website and remarket your ads to your customers.

Use the Pixel Cat for an easy management of your Facebook Pixel. Know how to get this plugin file at Wordpress.

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