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If there is a part of the house that is the most used, these are the sliding door screens that deter access of insects into your homes. Aside from that, they are one of the most poorly installed doors so you must not be surprised that you have to have them fixed every now and then to keep them functional all the time. To get a door screen in perfect condition all the time, proper maintenance work must be introduced regularly.

Who does poorly constructed door screen means? As an instance, it is very often that the solid wood which is almost two inches thick is just glued together instead of being nailed. Even with a tenon joinery and strong mortise, in due time because of wear and tear, there is a big tendency that it will bog down from time to time. This is especially true for sliding patio doors that comes with a temperedglass that is thick, surrounded with robustaluminum frame which is attached together by a screw.

Meanwhile, the screen door is often held or bound together at its corners by friction and the support that is given to the flexible screen mesh is simply insufficient. The screen cloth in time will get loose and the corners will be worn out until there is no longer any friction that can hold them in place. This is the time when the screen doors begin to present some problems. This is why it could help if you educate yourself on how to keep these screens well maintained.

The initial thing that happens when a screen door gets loose is that the maintenance of its rectangular shape. When you pull it, the whole frame is distorted and it jams itself against the track. To tell if a frame is loose, you can go outside and then hold the door in a place at the bottom of your foot and then grab both sides of the screen door. Try to tilt it gently to the right then to the left without removing your foot. If it is easy to move the top of the door while the bottom stays firm. Check if the vertical rails feel loose when you move them as well. If it budges, then the sliding door is already worn out and it is near the end of its useful life.

If the frame passes the test above and it is still in the good condition, the next thing to check is the rollers. A sliding door generally has two rollers on the top and two rollers on the bottom. They are adjusted up and down by screws located at the top and the bottom of the vertical rails. The nylon rollers break and sometimes fall off entirely. Do not try lubricating the rollers after they are worn squarely. You do not need any grease at all. The rollers must turn freely and the door should need no effort to glide left and right. In this situation, you must get the rollers replaced.

If you need more information on how to maintain screen doors and roller blinds, just make a simple search.

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