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Mosquitoes are small organisms that have species which feed on human and animal blood. They do such by piercing the skin of their victims. The point of entry becomes inflamed and itchy. Such will be present for certain days or hours depending on the gravity. Such is not the only effect of mosquito bites. At times, there are mosquitoes that carry viruses or parasites that can be transferred to another host. Popular diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are dengue, zikka, chikungunya, malaria, and filariasis. Since mosquitoes are far more dangerous as it seems, experts have recommended many prevention tips.


People who know more about the nature or biological makeup of mosquitoes have developed certain insect repellants that can protect individuals. Such can either be a lotion, spray, bracelets, patches, or oil. Upon usage, the mosquitoes are believed to resist a certain smell that is emitted by the material. Thus, the user will not be bitten. Thus, such serve as individual protective items. People who want to ensure that their property is free from mosquitoes have also been recommended to use chemical-based sprays. However, such are dangerous to the health of pets and people. Therefore; before spraying the area, occupants should stay outside for a certain period of time.

Nowadays, products that trap mosquitos are being recommended by many experts. These mosquito traps are designed to attract the mosquitoes towards them. After which, they will be trapped inside the item. Eventually, they will die due to dehydration. For some brands, they contain chemicals that kill the mosquitoes. Different brands of traps use different attractants, at times, they even use a combination of which. One of the attractants used is Carbon Dioxide. Such gas is the one being exhaled by humans that mosquitoes are being attracted to. That is the reason why people usually get bitten at night.

Traps that use propane as attractants are usually very expensive. Such is believed to be one of the best mosquito traps since it emits CO2 and moisture to attract mosquitoes. Nevertheless, these products can only be used outside of the property. Such is due to the fact that it can pose risk to the health of individuals when inhaled regularly. Other traps, on the other hand, uses water as attractants, as well as killing materials. These products are safe to use and can be placed indoors and outdoors. People who will be buying such should remember that they should always change the water of the product. Such is due to the fact that it can be a cause of mold growth.

Brands that use heat and light are also very safe. The great thing about the brands that use such is that they can also attract other winged insects. Thus, it can have multiple purposes. Similarly, these items can be used for both indoors and outdoors. A very popular company that uses such in combination with CO2 is Dynatrap. It has established its name because people who have already used such mentioned that it does not produce any sound when the pests are killed. Likewise, it does not emit any burnt smell.

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