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Duck hunting is an age-old sport in which skilled hunters lure ducks into a nearby pond and shoot as many as possible before they fly away. Since shooting is involved in this sport, you need to know which are the best air rifles which completes the task of hunting for ducks. You're only as good as your weapon of choice when hunting, which is why you need to be particular when choosing an air rifle.


It would help you a lot if you could read air rifle reviews beforehand. These reviews will show you the best air rifles to make your hunting more effective in the price range you have allotted for yourself. Aside from the gun, hunting dogs are also important when duck hunting.

Dogs are essential for duck hunting, as they are the ones that swim into the cold water and retrieve the ducks. Dogs are not born with this unique set of hunting skills and must be properly trained; otherwise, they will wind up retrieving decoys instead of your prize and may even scare the ducks away.

However, you need to complete two important things before you get started with hunting. First, you need to look for the best hunting towns. There's no use hunting in a place where ducks are scarce; hence, you need to research and look for the best destinations to go duck hunting. Next, you need to make sure you have the right gear and equipment for the sport. Third, you need to have a good boat since you'll be spending time in the water. Lastly, you need to train your hunting dog, and below are some tips to help you get started with that:

  • Familiarize your dog with the concept of water while she is still young. Fill a play pool with water and have the puppy fetch balls from the water. Reward her water play with treats and praise.
  • Teach your dog how to avoid decoys when he is roughly one year old. Place five or six decoys around the yard and walk the dog through the decoys, discouraging him from touching the decoys. If your dog obeys, give him a treat. If he tries to pick up the decoys, use a stern no and begin again until he obeys.
  • Add a training dummy in with the decoys once the dog understands that the decoys are off limits; have the dog fetch the dummy. Scold her if she gets distracted and reward her for going directly for the target. Be consistent with discipline and rewards.
  • Take the dog to target practice so that he will become familiar with the sound of a gun. Reward the dog when she remains calm and still while you are firing.
  • Load the dog in and out of the boat, if you are using one. If you have a swimming pool, have the dog practice jumping in and then lift him out of the boat.
  • Use your duck call around the dog. If she has not heard the sound by the time she goes hunting, it will scare her and she may bark, scaring away the ducks.

So, you already know to how train duck hunting dogs. Just be more patient and love them so you will gain their trust and companionship as you go for duck hunt. Most important, read up on concealed carry permit information so you wouldn't get in trouble for towing around an air rifle.

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