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Best Filipino places in Woodside, Queens
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4006 70th St, Woodside, NY
Pork bbq meal in 37 mentions
Pork belly in 14 mentions
Sizzling steak in 9 mentions
Crispy pork in 5 mentions
Pork barbecue in 6 mentions
51-34 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Chicken inasal in 5 mentions
Avocado cheesecake in 3 mentions
Garlic fried rice in 7 mentions
Eggplant salad in 4 mentions
Pork belly in 7 mentions
6914 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Fried pork in 3 mentions
Spring rolls in 5 mentions
Garlic fried rice in 11 mentions
Kare kare in 7 mentions
Meat on a stick in 3 mentions
6902 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Leche flan in 8 mentions
Halo halo in 14 mentions
Bbq chicken in 8 mentions
Pork adobo in 6 mentions
Lumpia shanghai in 12 mentions
5828 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Pork belly in 7 mentions
Short ribs in 3 mentions
Peanut butter sauce in 4 mentions
Crispy pork in 4 mentions
Chicken adobo in 5 mentions
62-29 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Chicken with rice in 4 mentions
Corned beef in 4 mentions
Spicy chicken in 8 mentions
Bubble tea in 9 mentions
Aloha burger in 15 mentions
6912 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Beef stew in 3 mentions
Pork belly in 3 mentions
Fish soup in 2 mentions
Pork stew in 2 mentions
7002 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Fried fish in 2 mentions
69-09 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY
Lumpia shanghai in 2 mentions
Grilled salmon in 2 mentions
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