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Best places in Vienna, VA
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110 Lawyers Rd NW, Vienna, VA
Gyros in 55 mentions
Plaka gyro in 182 mentions
Chicago gyro in 46 mentions
Lamb gyro in 4 mentions
Gyro with fries in 8 mentions
147 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA
2531 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna, VA
Fried chicken in 8 mentions
Crispy happiness in 4 mentions
Wonton soup in 4 mentions
Shabu shabu in 7 mentions
421 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA
Gyros in 17 mentions
Rotisserie chicken in 15 mentions
Roasted potatoes in 4 mentions
Greek salad in 8 mentions
Gyro salad in 10 mentions
126 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA
Chicken kabobs in 35 mentions
Chicken soltani in 4 mentions
Eggplant dip in 11 mentions
Iced tea in 4 mentions
Egg plant dip in 7 mentions
128 Church St NW, Vienna, VA
Sausage rolls in 23 mentions
Meat pies in 19 mentions
Chicken provencal in 31 mentions
Chicken masala in 8 mentions
Moroccan lamb in 14 mentions
144 Church St NW, Vienna, VA
Ice cream custard in 34 mentions
Cookie dough in 4 mentions
Frozen yogurt in 3 mentions
Vanilla custard in 5 mentions
, Vienna, VA
Mama's donut bites in 10 mentions
Fresh donuts in 2 mentions
Apple cider donuts in 13 mentions
Red velvet in 3 mentions
505 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA
Homemade pasta in 2 mentions
Parma sub in 3 mentions
Pie gourmet in 2 mentions
Chicken salad in 2 mentions
118 Branch Rd SE, Vienna, VA
Zuppa di pesce in 6 mentions
Neapolitan pizza in 3 mentions
Mushroom risotto in 2 mentions
Mozzarella sticks in 2 mentions
Ravioli in 3 mentions
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