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Best $ places in Universal City, TX
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1421 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX
Tortilla soup in 14 mentions
Puffy tacos in 32 mentions
Refried beans in 3 mentions
Veggie chalupas in 3 mentions
Cheese enchiladas in 5 mentions
218 Rosewood Dr, Universal City, TX
Potato kale soup in 9 mentions
Gumbo in 2 mentions
Meatball sub in 2 mentions
316 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX
Italian ice in 2 mentions
Italian hoagie in 2 mentions
Whole week in 2 mentions
3126 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX
15560 I H 35 N, Selma, TX
Sweet tea in 2 mentions
Creamed corn in 10 mentions
Peach cobbler in 2 mentions
Smoked turkey in 2 mentions
Cole slaw in 2 mentions
8327 Agora Pkwy, Selma, TX
Fried ice cream in 7 mentions
Egg roll in 3 mentions
Tom yum in 2 mentions
Chicken soup in 2 mentions
Fresh spring rolls in 32 mentions
1210 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX
Sweet tea in 2 mentions
Dirty rice in 2 mentions
Macaroni and cheese in 4 mentions
Meatloaf in 3 mentions
900 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX
Corned beef in 2 mentions
Biscuits and gravy in 2 mentions
14540 Forum Pkwy, Selma, TX
2047 Universal City Blvd, Universal City, TX
Ham sandwich in 4 mentions
Homemade bread in 3 mentions
Chicken dumplings in 2 mentions
Thai beef in 2 mentions
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