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Best places in Stockton, CA
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9305 Thornton Rd, Stockton, CA
Lumpia shanghai in 88 mentions
Bbq pork in 24 mentions
Beef lumpia in 87 mentions
Pork lumpia in 85 mentions
Chicken adobo in 5 mentions
3236 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA
Pineapple fried rice in 70 mentions
Chicken pad thai in 114 mentions
Sweet basil noodles in 55 mentions
Chicken curry in 7 mentions
Red curry in 12 mentions
5656 N Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA
Greek pizza in 87 mentions
1612 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA
Fried chicken in 73 mentions
Garlic bread in 38 mentions
Deep fried oysters in 39 mentions
Bbq beef sandwich in 9 mentions
Manny burger in 69 mentions
5615 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA
445 W Weber Ave, Stockton, CA
Chile rellenos in 20 mentions
Made flour tortillas in 41 mentions
4343 Pacific Ave Ste A2, Stockton, CA
2105 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA
Miso soup in 10 mentions
Waffle ice cream in 11 mentions
Tuna steak roll in 14 mentions
Salmon teriyaki in 13 mentions
5756 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA
Frozen yogurt in 19 mentions
2828 W March Ln, Stockton, CA
Lemon chicken in 30 mentions
Beef chow fun in 9 mentions
Sweet and sour pork in 22 mentions
Pork fried rice in 49 mentions
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.