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Best $ places in Sebastopol, CA
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250 S Main St, Sebastopol, CA
Super burritos in 9 mentions
Green avocado salsa in 3 mentions
Actually a thin in 2 mentions
Horchata in 2 mentions
150 Weeks Way, Sebastopol, CA
Friend joe's in 7 mentions
Minty mocha in 3 mentions
Blueberry muffin in 2 mentions
Cup of coffee in 2 mentions
560 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA
168A N Main St, Sebastopol, CA
Scones in 2 mentions
Peanut butter in 3 mentions
Cup of coffee in 2 mentions
177 Pleasant Hill Ave N, Sebastopol, CA
Lunch special in 2 mentions
Greek salad in 2 mentions
1382 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA
French fries in 5 mentions
Burgers and fries in 3 mentions
Clam chowder in 6 mentions
Cajun fries in 3 mentions
Blue cheese burger in 14 mentions
300 S Main St, Sebastopol, CA
915 Gravenstein Ave, Sebastopol, CA
Funky chicken in 2 mentions
Baked potatoes in 2 mentions
Tofu tacos in 2 mentions
775 Gravenstein Ave, Sebastopol, CA
Al pastor in 2 mentions
Taco salads in 4 mentions
Chicken burrito in 2 mentions
Carnitas burrito in 2 mentions
Super burrito in 4 mentions
171 Pleasant Hill Ave N, Sebastopol, CA
Spring rolls in 3 mentions
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