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Best $$$ places in St. Louis, MO
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1059 S Big Bend Blvd, Saint Louis, MO
Hanger steak in 15 mentions
Foie gras in 27 mentions
Mashed potatoes in 10 mentions
Gnocchi in 7 mentions
2000 Sidney St, Saint Louis, MO
Lobster turnovers in 37 mentions
Foie gras in 9 mentions
Veal dumplings in 19 mentions
Mashed potatoes in 8 mentions
Pork belly in 8 mentions
4580 Laclede Ave, St Louis, MO
French onion soup in 40 mentions
Frisee salad in 16 mentions
Eggs benedict in 23 mentions
Thyme ice cream in 31 mentions
Bistro steak in 11 mentions
1111 Mississippi Ave, Saint Louis, MO
Wild boar ravioli in 58 mentions
Gooey butter cake in 38 mentions
Goat cheese polenta in 28 mentions
Spinach salad in 11 mentions
Pork chop in 11 mentions
5226 Shaw Ave, Saint Louis, MO
Fried ravioli in 18 mentions
Toasted raviolis in 45 mentions
Crab cakes in 10 mentions
Sea bass in 8 mentions
1500 St. Charles St, Saint Louis, MO
Truffled tater tots in 50 mentions
Deviled eggs in 9 mentions
Smoked trout in 6 mentions
Pork sliders in 6 mentions
Fried chicken in 6 mentions
1535 S 8th St, St Louis, MO
Pommes frites in 14 mentions
Pork belly in 17 mentions
Lamb shank in 8 mentions
Seafood stew in 12 mentions
3257 Ivanhoe Ave, St Louis, MO
Peanut butter cup in 18 mentions
Coffee ice cream in 26 mentions
Beet risotto in 12 mentions
48 Maryland Plz, St Louis, MO
Mashed potatoes in 6 mentions
Shrimp and grits in 10 mentions
Apple pie in 5 mentions
Lobster mac in 7 mentions
2017 Chouteau Ave, St Louis, MO
Duck confit in 7 mentions
Sea bass in 4 mentions
Prime rib in 5 mentions
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