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Best $ places in Royal Oak, MI
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28957 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI
Cheese bread in 14 mentions
Deep dish pizza in 11 mentions
Gluten free pizza in 3 mentions
2033 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI
Chicken paprikash in 5 mentions
Green bean soup in 6 mentions
Fish and chips in 5 mentions
410 S Main St, Royal Oak, MI
Waffle fries in 24 mentions
Gourmet burger in 4 mentions
Veggie burger in 2 mentions
Cheese burger in 3 mentions
Onion rings in 3 mentions
2705 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI
Hot dogs in 30 mentions
Foie gras in 2 mentions
Cucumber salad in 2 mentions
Chicken sausage in 2 mentions
Blood orange in 2 mentions
212 W 5th Ave, Royal Oak, MI
Falafel sandwich in 4 mentions
Lentil soup in 4 mentions
Pita bread in 2 mentions
Rice soup in 4 mentions
3018 12 Mile Rd, Berkley, MI
25994 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI
Greek salad in 11 mentions
121 N Main St, Royal Oak, MI
Original gyro in 7 mentions
Gyros in 3 mentions
Greek gyro bowl in 24 mentions
Zesty feta sauce in 9 mentions
Pork gyro in 11 mentions
2972 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI
Turkey burgers in 26 mentions
29022 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI
Hash browns in 4 mentions
Chicken finger pita in 9 mentions
Greek salad in 5 mentions
House salad in 3 mentions
French onion soup in 13 mentions
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