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Best Ice Cream Shop places in Richmond, CA
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Pacific East Mall, Richmond, CA
Jasmine green tea in 23 mentions
Tapioca balls in 12 mentions
Thai iced tea in 5 mentions
Egg puffs in 5 mentions
1514 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole, CA
Lemon custard in 7 mentions
Green tea in 2 mentions
Cheese steak in 2 mentions
2701 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole, CA
Frozen yogurt s in 11 mentions
Berry berry in 2 mentions
Plain tart in 2 mentions
303 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Ice cream flavors in 46 mentions
Red velvet in 2 mentions
Family for ice in 2 mentions
Lemon cupcake in 2 mentions
Salted caramel in 2 mentions
3288 Pierce St, Richmond, CA
Cookies and cream in 4 mentions
Pomegranate tart in 2 mentions
Strawberry yogurt in 3 mentions
Dark chocolate in 3 mentions
Mango sorbet in 4 mentions
3080 El Cerrito Plz, El Cerrito, CA
Butter brickle in 3 mentions
Almond joy in 3 mentions
Bubble tea in 3 mentions
Green tea in 4 mentions
Mocha chip in 3 mentions
160 Washington Ave, Richmond, CA
Roast beef in 5 mentions
Potato salad in 2 mentions
14444 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo, CA
Ice cream cakes in 12 mentions
10598 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA
Cream cakes in 2 mentions
Chocolate fudge in 2 mentions
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