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Best American places in Richmond, CA
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50 Washington Ave, Richmond, CA
Prime rib in 34 mentions
Mac and cheese in 6 mentions
Crab cakes in 4 mentions
Short ribs in 5 mentions
Cheese cake in 3 mentions
7525 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA
Pumpkin pancakes in 37 mentions
Apple pie in 52 mentions
Onion rings in 24 mentions
Cheese puffs in 34 mentions
Milkshake in 11 mentions
2395 San Pablo Ave, Pinole, CA
Chicken wings in 10 mentions
Pommes frites in 8 mentions
Clam chowder in 9 mentions
Pear salad in 15 mentions
Fish tacos in 7 mentions
10841 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA
French toast in 19 mentions
Blueberry pancakes in 12 mentions
House potatoes in 6 mentions
English muffin in 3 mentions
Patty melt in 4 mentions
2 W Richmond Ave, Richmond, CA
Fish and chips in 17 mentions
Clam chowder in 5 mentions
Pub and grill in 4 mentions
Sandwich and fries in 4 mentions
Filet mignon in 4 mentions
3550 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, CA
Fried chicken in 32 mentions
Pork ribs in 4 mentions
Pulled pork sandwich in 13 mentions
Peach cobbler in 3 mentions
Tri tip in 5 mentions
49 Washington Ave, Pt. Richmond, CA
Lamb sliders in 6 mentions
Smoked salmon in 4 mentions
Pulled pork in 2 mentions
Lamb chops in 2 mentions
Caesar salad in 2 mentions
2320 San Pablo Ave, Pinole, CA
Crispy leche flan in 36 mentions
Short ribs in 3 mentions
Grilled chicken in 7 mentions
Papa d's chicken in 13 mentions
Vanilla ice cream in 19 mentions
2300 San Pablo Ave, Pinole, CA
Prime rib in 7 mentions
Pork chops in 7 mentions
Iced tea in 4 mentions
Home fries in 8 mentions
Orange juice in 4 mentions
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA
French onion soup in 11 mentions
Meyer lemon tart in 12 mentions
Rock cod in 4 mentions
Tomato soup in 4 mentions
Cordon bleu in 4 mentions
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