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Best Dim Sum Place places in Philadelphia, PA
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59 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA
Scallion pancakes in 138 mentions
Pork soup dumplings in 353 mentions
Pan fried pork in 91 mentions
Mapo tofu in 6 mentions
1901 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA
Fried polenta in 11 mentions
Filet mignon in 20 mentions
Smoked salmon in 9 mentions
Top sirloin in 17 mentions
Beef ribs in 5 mentions
234 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA
Pork buns in 7 mentions
Steamed shrimp in 3 mentions
Yellow chives in 4 mentions
Chinese vegetables in 3 mentions
Roast pork in 3 mentions
330 W Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Snow crabs in 8 mentions
Red bean in 3 mentions
Chinese food in 2 mentions
Chicken dumplings in 2 mentions
Dim sum in 5 mentions
5675 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Roast pork in 2 mentions
Dim sum in 6 mentions
Frog legs in 2 mentions
Sea conch in 2 mentions
1100 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Sweet and sour pork in 3 mentions
Egg tarts in 3 mentions
Siu mai in 3 mentions
Shrimp dumplings in 3 mentions
Lo mein in 3 mentions
1006 Race St, Philadelphia, PA
Dim sum sampler in 21 mentions
Orange beef in 5 mentions
Singapore kosher in 4 mentions
Chinese food in 6 mentions
1026 Race St, Philadelphia, PA
Steamed pork buns in 13 mentions
Sesame balls in 7 mentions
Siu bao in 5 mentions
Chrysanthemum tea in 4 mentions
Shrimp shumai in 8 mentions
101 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA
Crabmeat ravioli in 3 mentions
Crab fried rice in 6 mentions
Chicken roti in 5 mentions
Fried calamari in 3 mentions
Crispy duck in 3 mentions
911 Race St, Philadelphia, PA
Pan fried noodles in 3 mentions
Peking duck in 4 mentions
Fresh seafood in 3 mentions
Spring rolls in 4 mentions
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