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Best Deli places in Oakland, CA
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5095 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA
340 14th St, Oakland, CA
Vegan chicken salad in 13 mentions
Bbq chicken in 5 mentions
Cowgirl wrap in 4 mentions
Cup of coffee in 4 mentions
Panini in 6 mentions
2442 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA
Turkey delight in 22 mentions
Falafel wrap in 6 mentions
Roast beef in 13 mentions
Dutch crunch roll in 28 mentions
Roasted turkey in 6 mentions
207 International Blvd, Oakland, CA
Green papaya salad in 91 mentions
Fish in banana leaf in 13 mentions
Chicken larb in 4 mentions
Beef larb in 12 mentions
Steamed fish in 7 mentions
2412 Webb Ave, Alameda, CA
Roast turkey delight in 15 mentions
Mixed meat in 8 mentions
Tuna and egg salad in 3 mentions
1814 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA
Blackberry smoothie in 4 mentions
Falafel wrap in 24 mentions
Egg salad in 4 mentions
Falafel sandwich in 20 mentions
1475 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Reuben sandwiches in 75 mentions
Smoked salmon in 13 mentions
Orange juice in 10 mentions
Rueben in 10 mentions
Bloody mary in 5 mentions
595 15th St, Oakland, CA
Banh mi sandwiches in 6 mentions
Pork sandwich in 2 mentions
Bahn mi in 2 mentions
Spring rolls in 4 mentions
1070 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA
Roast beef panini in 4 mentions
Egg salad in 2 mentions
1480 Moraga Rd, Moraga, CA
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.