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Best Brunch places in Napa, CA
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The Carneros Inn, Napa, CA
Crispy hash browns in 117 mentions
Green eggs and ham in 134 mentions
Crispy hashbrowns in 34 mentions
Kobe beef burgers in 59 mentions
1400 2nd St, Napa, CA
The Oxbow Public Market, Napa, CA
Garlic fries in 195 mentions
Hot dogs in 35 mentions
Texas burger in 20 mentions
Ahi burgers in 132 mentions
Oxbow Public Market, Napa, CA
Bacon bread in 36 mentions
Bakery's english in 4 mentions
Butter and jam in 6 mentions
Peanut butter in 5 mentions
1408 Clay St, Napa, CA
Seafood gumbo in 29 mentions
Duck jambalaya in 21 mentions
Bread pudding in 18 mentions
Pork belly in 7 mentions
632 Soscol Ave, Napa, CA
Hash browns in 20 mentions
Huevos rancheros in 16 mentions
Biscuits and gravy in 12 mentions
French toast in 4 mentions
Home fries in 4 mentions
1517 3rd St, Napa, CA
Huevos rancheros in 33 mentions
Eggs benedict in 31 mentions
Poached eggs in 13 mentions
Cinnamon toast in 9 mentions
540 Main St, Napa, CA
Napa scramble in 7 mentions
Goat cheese in 7 mentions
French fries in 4 mentions
The Westin Napa Verasa, Napa, CA
Skirt steak in 2 mentions
Steak tartare in 2 mentions
Chocolate dessert in 2 mentions
1320 Napa Town Ctr, Napa, CA
Napa scramble in 7 mentions
French toast in 7 mentions
Country fried steak in 11 mentions
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