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Best Bakery places in Medford, MA
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720 Broadway, Somerville, MA
Cream puffs in 7 mentions
Red velvet in 8 mentions
Birthday cakes in 23 mentions
208 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA
Muffins and scones in 11 mentions
Chocolate croissants in 16 mentions
Cinnamon almond in 5 mentions
Iced coffee in 4 mentions
Pecan rolls in 6 mentions
20 Salem St, Medford, MA
Cannoli in 16 mentions
Lobster tail in 6 mentions
Red velvet in 3 mentions
330 Boston Ave, Medford, MA
Hot chocolate in 10 mentions
Chocolate cake in 10 mentions
Apple bear in 3 mentions
Iced tea in 3 mentions
491 High St, Medford, MA
Iced coffee in 3 mentions
Chocolate chip in 2 mentions
Red velvet in 2 mentions
Egg sandwiches in 6 mentions
64 Lambert St, Medford, MA
Home fries in 5 mentions
Iced coffee in 3 mentions
Egg sandwiches in 3 mentions
French toast in 2 mentions
418 Main St, Medford, MA
Chicken cutlets in 2 mentions
382 Main St, Medford, MA
Arthur's pastry in 2 mentions
Chocolate mousse in 2 mentions
Cake and frosting in 2 mentions
Rum cake in 3 mentions
Birthday cake in 2 mentions
1118 Broadway, Somerville, MA
Real eggs in 9 mentions
Cinnamon sticky bun in 9 mentions
Egg bagel in 3 mentions
Muffins and bagels in 4 mentions
Egg sandwich in 3 mentions
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