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Best Coffee places in Long Beach, CA
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3734 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA
Coffee cup cafe in 259 mentions
Stuffed french toast in 78 mentions
Eggs benedict in 28 mentions
Huevos rancheros in 31 mentions
245 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA
French macaroons in 81 mentions
Red velvet in 22 mentions
Green tea in 14 mentions
2800 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA
Spicy feta fries in 93 mentions
Athenian chicken in 17 mentions
Calamari pita in 10 mentions
Lentil soup in 13 mentions
3924 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA
Tea sandwiches in 20 mentions
Lemon scones in 68 mentions
Afternoon tea in 105 mentions
Quiche in 17 mentions
Egg salad in 9 mentions
9835 Belmont St, Bellflower, CA
Chai latte in 14 mentions
Coconut mocha in 8 mentions
Turkey sandwich in 4 mentions
Chicken sandwich in 5 mentions
5475 Carson St, Long Beach, CA
Horchata latte in 9 mentions
Mexican mayan mocha in 4 mentions
Iced coffee in 3 mentions
Mayan mix in 2 mentions
340 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA
Teriyaki bowl in 19 mentions
Mf works burger in 21 mentions
Split pea soup in 10 mentions
Tropical iced tea in 20 mentions
5514 E Britton Dr, Long Beach, CA
Bagel sandwiches in 15 mentions
Palm springs bagel in 25 mentions
969 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA
High tea in 11 mentions
Cream and lemon curd in 25 mentions
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