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Best places for not cheese dishes in Kensington, CA
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, Berkeley, CA
Red velvet in 5 mentions
Birthday cake in 2 mentions
389 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA
Fish and chips in 49 mentions
Cole slaw in 10 mentions
Onion rings in 11 mentions
Shepard's pie in 16 mentions
285 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Poultry and fish in 2 mentions
Potato salad in 3 mentions
Fried chicken in 3 mentions
Cured meats in 2 mentions
Crab cakes in 2 mentions
372 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA
Cup of coffee in 4 mentions
Cinnamon bread in 4 mentions
French toast in 7 mentions
Pecan swirl in 2 mentions
293 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Home fries in 6 mentions
Chorizo scramble in 6 mentions
Wheat toast in 4 mentions
Homemade bread in 4 mentions
303 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Ice cream flavors in 46 mentions
Red velvet in 2 mentions
Family for ice in 2 mentions
Lemon cupcake in 2 mentions
Salted caramel in 2 mentions
1568 Oak View Ave, Kensington, CA
Leek cream in 5 mentions
A caesar salad in 14 mentions
Soft serve ice cream in 28 mentions
Calzone in 3 mentions
Ceasar salad in 6 mentions
, Kensington, CA
Fluffy egg slider in 6 mentions
Meatloaf slider in 4 mentions
Garlic fries in 3 mentions
Split pea fritter in 15 mentions
Chicken wings in 5 mentions
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA
Meyer lemon tart in 12 mentions
Rock cod in 4 mentions
Tomato soup in 4 mentions
Cordon bleu in 4 mentions
Chicken pate in 5 mentions
269 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Dahl soup in 3 mentions
Roast beef in 4 mentions
Sourdough rolls in 3 mentions
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.