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Best places for not seafood dishes in Kensington, CA
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, Berkeley, CA
Red velvet in 5 mentions
Birthday cake in 2 mentions
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA
French onion soup in 11 mentions
Meyer lemon tart in 12 mentions
Tomato soup in 4 mentions
Cordon bleu in 4 mentions
Chicken pate in 5 mentions
389 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA
Cole slaw in 10 mentions
Onion rings in 11 mentions
Shepard's pie in 16 mentions
Bangers and mash in 4 mentions
285 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Poultry and fish in 2 mentions
Potato salad in 3 mentions
Fried chicken in 3 mentions
Cured meats in 2 mentions
Reuben in 4 mentions
372 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA
Cup of coffee in 4 mentions
Cinnamon bread in 4 mentions
French toast in 7 mentions
Pecan swirl in 2 mentions
293 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Home fries in 6 mentions
Chorizo scramble in 6 mentions
Eggs benedict in 7 mentions
Wheat toast in 4 mentions
303 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Ice cream flavors in 46 mentions
Red velvet in 2 mentions
Family for ice in 2 mentions
Lemon cupcake in 2 mentions
Salted caramel in 2 mentions
1568 Oak View Ave, Kensington, CA
Cheese pizza in 4 mentions
Leek cream in 5 mentions
A caesar salad in 14 mentions
White pizza in 3 mentions
Soft serve ice cream in 28 mentions
, Kensington, CA
Fluffy egg slider in 6 mentions
Meatloaf slider in 4 mentions
Garlic fries in 3 mentions
Split pea fritter in 15 mentions
Chicken wings in 5 mentions
269 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA
Cheese platter in 2 mentions
Dahl soup in 3 mentions
Roast beef in 4 mentions
Sourdough rolls in 3 mentions
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.