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Best $ places in Jersey City, NJ
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20 Erie St, Jersey City, NJ
Homemade ice cream in 339 mentions
Green tea in 9 mentions
Cookie dough in 4 mentions
62 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ
Fish tacos in 74 mentions
Pescado tacos in 19 mentions
Chips and guacamole in 13 mentions
Chicken tacos in 12 mentions
Shrimp tacos in 13 mentions
343 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ
Red velvet cupcakes in 49 mentions
Mini cupcakes in 19 mentions
Pumpkin cupcakes in 6 mentions
414 Adams St, Hoboken, NJ
Italian tuna in 14 mentions
Gravy sandwich in 7 mentions
Corned beef in 6 mentions
804 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Masala dosa in 14 mentions
Paneer tikka masala in 7 mentions
517 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ
121 Washington Ave, Hoboken, NJ
Frozen custard in 28 mentions
Italian ices in 35 mentions
Soft ice cream in 27 mentions
346 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ
Pierogies in 15 mentions
Stuffed cabbage in 17 mentions
177 York St, Jersey City, NJ
Turkey pesto panini in 25 mentions
Truffle fries in 10 mentions
Parmesan olive oil in 9 mentions
Tiramisu in 3 mentions
236 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ
Carnitas tacos in 29 mentions
Huevos rancheros in 16 mentions
Cactus tacos in 19 mentions
Pozole in 5 mentions
Horchata in 4 mentions
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