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Best Korean places in Irving, TX
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2560 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX
Korean bbq in 122 mentions
Seafood pancake in 21 mentions
Miso soup in 6 mentions
Kimchi soup in 12 mentions
Pork belly in 11 mentions
10045 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX
La burger in 177 mentions
Bulgogi tacos in 62 mentions
Town burger in 36 mentions
Hot dog in 25 mentions
11445 Emerald St, Dallas, TX
Spicy tofu soup in 4 mentions
Seafood pancake in 3 mentions
Fish cake in 4 mentions
Bulgogi in 8 mentions
Spicy rice in 3 mentions
11445 Emerald St, Dallas, TX
Pork belly in 16 mentions
Egg souffle in 3 mentions
Boneless kalbi ribs in 11 mentions
Bean paste soup in 4 mentions
Miso soup in 4 mentions
2502 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX
Korean bbq in 25 mentions
Spicy chicken in 5 mentions
Kalbi in 4 mentions
Spicy pork in 6 mentions
2257 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX
Brisket solong tang in 24 mentions
Kimchee in 2 mentions
Beef broth soup in 5 mentions
Kimchi in 3 mentions
Banchan in 2 mentions
11407 Emerald St, Dallas, TX
Fried egg in 9 mentions
Spicy chicken soup in 6 mentions
Rice cakes in 7 mentions
Fried chicken in 5 mentions
Hot asian girls in 2 mentions
3455 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX
California roll in 11 mentions
Green tea ice cream in 6 mentions
Spicy octopus in 4 mentions
Tofu soup in 5 mentions
Jalapeno roll in 2 mentions
2216 Royal LN, Dallas, TX
2240 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX
Chicken wings in 2 mentions
Spicy baked chicken in 20 mentions
Cole slaw in 3 mentions
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