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Best Bakery places in Garden Grove, CA
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9122 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA
Fruit tarts in 163 mentions
Fresh fruit in 10 mentions
Puff pastry in 6 mentions
5350 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA
8942 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA
Cream puffs in 104 mentions
Fruit cakes in 19 mentions
Custard cones in 4 mentions
Red bean in 16 mentions
Butter bread in 4 mentions
9525 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA
Birthday cake in 21 mentions
Mixed berry cake in 28 mentions
Mocha cake in 6 mentions
Mocha frosting in 3 mentions
14570 Brookhurst St, Westminster, CA
Chicken pate chaud in 33 mentions
Cream puffs in 7 mentions
8948 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA
Banh mi thit nuong in 27 mentions
Cream puffs in 24 mentions
Sesame balls in 4 mentions
Pickled veggies in 4 mentions
Spring rolls in 15 mentions
10515 Mcfadden Ave, Garden Grove, CA
Pickled turnips in 19 mentions
Pita bread in 9 mentions
Chicken panini in 8 mentions
Black sea turnover in 16 mentions
Baklava in 20 mentions
9200 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA
Cream cheese bread in 16 mentions
Vanilla custard in 2 mentions
Ham and cheese in 3 mentions
Egg custard in 2 mentions
Sesame bread in 2 mentions
8940 Westminster Ave, Westminster, CA
Banh mi che cali in 20 mentions
Banh mi thit nguoi in 38 mentions
Egg rolls in 7 mentions
Fried egg in 5 mentions
Pork meatball in 4 mentions
8899 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA
Strawberry pastries in 51 mentions
Fruit tarts in 25 mentions
Green tea shaved ice in 56 mentions
Strawberry cake in 11 mentions
Cream puffs in 18 mentions
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