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Best $ places in Elmhurst, Queens
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7605 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY
Al pastor tacos in 136 mentions
Tamales in 7 mentions
Beef tacos in 7 mentions
Carne asada in 21 mentions
Spicy pork in 14 mentions
83-25 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY
Banh mi in 249 mentions
Beef bulgogi in 16 mentions
Fried eggs in 40 mentions
8218 45th Ave, Elmhurst, NY
Roti canai in 136 mentions
Curry laksa in 43 mentions
Assam laksa in 63 mentions
Fish cakes in 44 mentions
Beef rendang in 42 mentions
83-05 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY
Beef noodle soup in 102 mentions
Fried dumplings in 44 mentions
Chinese food in 15 mentions
Fish ball in 4 mentions
Scallion pancakes in 20 mentions
7707 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY
Almond cheesecake in 23 mentions
Italian cheesecake in 19 mentions
Carrot cake in 4 mentions
Rainbow cookies in 3 mentions
Roosevelt Ave and 79th St, Jackson Heights, NY
Arepa con queso in 61 mentions
More queso in 18 mentions
Sweet arepas in 57 mentions
Corn cake in 2 mentions
85-22 Grand Ave, Elmhurst, NY
Arepas in 26 mentions
Empanadas in 8 mentions
Pulled pork in 6 mentions
Tres leches in 7 mentions
86-20 Whitney Ave, Elmhurst, NY
Sate ayam in 13 mentions
Nasi campur ayam in 25 mentions
Gado gado in 12 mentions
Grilled chicken in 11 mentions
Chicken satay in 11 mentions
91-20 59th Ave, Elmhurst, NY
Empanadas in 104 mentions
Cheese steak in 17 mentions
Yuca fries in 3 mentions
Corn patties in 3 mentions
7715 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY
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