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Best $ places in Corona, Queens
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52-02 108th St, Corona, NY
Italian ices in 85 mentions
Peanut butter ice in 38 mentions
Pina colada in 10 mentions
49-07 104th St, Corona, NY
Frozen custard in 52 mentions
Vanilla custard in 5 mentions
Mocha chip in 4 mentions
104-05 47th Ave, Corona, NY
Fish tacos in 99 mentions
Shrimp tacos in 26 mentions
Pozole soup in 28 mentions
Tortilla chips in 12 mentions
Fresh corn tortillas in 31 mentions
56-27 Van Doren St, Corona, NY
42-19 102 St, Corona, NY
Passion fruit juice in 6 mentions
10223 Horace Harding Expy, Corona, NY
Kai fish market in 6 mentions
Turkey wrap in 2 mentions
46-02 104th St, Corona, NY
Eggplant parm in 2 mentions
Lemon ice in 3 mentions
Italian sub in 3 mentions
Italian sandwiches in 5 mentions
4119 National St, Corona, NY
Purple corn drink in 2 mentions
9465 Corona Ave, Elmhurst, NY
Rio de la plata in 12 mentions
Filled with dulce in 2 mentions
Dulce de leche in 12 mentions
Empanadas in 2 mentions
5821 Junction Blvd, Elmhurst, NY
Pea soup in 2 mentions
Spinach pie in 2 mentions
Meatball parm in 2 mentions
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