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Best Asian Fusion places in Cambridge, MA
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8 Park Plz, Boston, MA
Mongolian beef in 32 mentions
Chicken lettuce wraps in 111 mentions
Sea bass in 4 mentions
Crispy honey chicken in 10 mentions
1128 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA
Poached egg in 10 mentions
Smoked tofu in 7 mentions
113 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA
Bubble tea in 14 mentions
Pork belly in 9 mentions
Red bean in 4 mentions
Fried egg in 10 mentions
Scallion pancake in 4 mentions
1127 Broadway, Somerville, MA
Chicken tikka masala in 16 mentions
Garlic naan in 7 mentions
Mango lassi in 6 mentions
Saag paneer in 3 mentions
167 Broadway, Somerville, MA
Crab rangoons in 2 mentions
Szechuan spicy in 2 mentions
Chicken teriyaki in 2 mentions
Crispy noodles in 2 mentions
868 Broadway, Somerville, MA
Pork bun in 3 mentions
Steak and rice in 9 mentions
Pork bao baos in 19 mentions
Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA
Korean bbq chicken in 7 mentions
Ga nuong in 6 mentions
Wonton soup in 4 mentions
Lemongrass chicken in 5 mentions
Masala chicken in 3 mentions
Carleton St, Cambridge, MA
Korean bbq chicken in 7 mentions
Ga nuong in 8 mentions
Peanut chicken in 2 mentions
Chicken wonton soup in 5 mentions
Lemongrass chicken in 5 mentions
57 JFK St, Cambridge, MA
Coconut ice cream in 14 mentions
Chocolate cake in 6 mentions
Duck dumplings in 5 mentions
Chicken noodles in 4 mentions
Udon noodles in 5 mentions
1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA
Wonton soup in 5 mentions
Pineapple fried rice in 19 mentions
Shrimp tempura in 5 mentions
Spring rolls in 22 mentions
Crispy chicken in 4 mentions
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.