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Best Southern places in Houston, TX
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3711 Travis St, Houston, TX
French toast in 122 mentions
Cheese grits in 7 mentions
Scrambled eggs in 26 mentions
10500 W Bellfort St, Houston, TX
Mac and cheese in 8 mentions
Raspberry tea in 5 mentions
Cornbread in 5 mentions
Bbq chicken in 4 mentions
Pork chops in 4 mentions
705 E 11th St, Houston, TX
Fried pickles in 62 mentions
Mashed potatoes in 23 mentions
Shrimp and grits in 59 mentions
Captain's chicken in 13 mentions
2502 Algerian Way, Houston, TX
Ice box pie in 6 mentions
Cheese grits in 6 mentions
Fried chicken livers in 38 mentions
Shrimp corn dogs in 94 mentions
3919 Scott St, Houston, TX
Dirty rice in 29 mentions
Mashed potatoes in 4 mentions
Sweet potato pie in 4 mentions
Collard greens in 5 mentions
801 Louisiana St, Houston, TX
3606 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX
Lemon cake in 3 mentions
Chocolate cream pie in 6 mentions
Turkey and dressing in 12 mentions
Black eyed peas in 4 mentions
9295 S Main St, Houston, TX
Meat loaf in 7 mentions
Mac and cheese in 16 mentions
Meatloaf in 9 mentions
Hank's ice cream in 6 mentions
Turkey wings in 6 mentions
1212 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX
Fried shrimp in 3 mentions
Snapper decadent in 5 mentions
Cajun cole slaw in 7 mentions
Crawfish ravioli in 6 mentions
1100 Louisiana St, Houston, TX
Butter cake in 3 mentions
Mashed potatoes in 3 mentions
Italian cream cake in 6 mentions
Red beans and rice in 17 mentions
Fruit cup in 2 mentions
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