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Best $$ Food Stores in Santa Cruz, CA
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1101 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
Salted caramel in 27 mentions
Turkish coffee in 8 mentions
Mint chocolate in 4 mentions
Peanut butter in 3 mentions
429 Front St, Santa Cruz, CA
Avocado fries in 45 mentions
Sourdough buns in 33 mentions
Sweet potato fries in 42 mentions
Hell burger in 20 mentions
Peanut butter pie in 22 mentions
702 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
Carrot cake in 84 mentions
Devil's food cake in 15 mentions
Wedding cakes in 78 mentions
913 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA
1016 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA
Pesto panini in 41 mentions
Turkey brie pesto in 6 mentions
Red pepper pesto in 11 mentions
Pesto sandwich in 4 mentions
Iced tea in 4 mentions
1102 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
Free scones in 69 mentions
Complimentary scones in 71 mentions
Apple strudel in 4 mentions
Signature chocolate in 4 mentions
332 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz, CA
Iced coffee in 4 mentions
Caramel apples in 3 mentions
Dark chocolate in 7 mentions
402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz, CA
Fish tacos in 9 mentions
Poached eggs in 10 mentions
Eclair in 8 mentions
Hot chocolate in 12 mentions
Cinnamon rolls in 8 mentions
1522 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
Chocolate truffle in 7 mentions
Chicken soup in 21 mentions
Chocolate mousse in 5 mentions
Spinach salad in 5 mentions
2801 Mission St, Santa Cruz, CA
Organic fruits in 2 mentions
Fresh seafood in 2 mentions
Agua fresca in 2 mentions
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