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Best $$ Japanese places in Arcadia, CA
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713 W Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA
Pork belly in 17 mentions
Chicken liver in 3 mentions
Spicy tuna in 3 mentions
Chicken meatballs in 14 mentions
Beef tongue in 3 mentions
929 W Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA
Sesame ice cream in 34 mentions
Spicy tuna roll in 35 mentions
Monkfish liver in 10 mentions
Wagyu beef roll in 49 mentions
Green tea pudding in 7 mentions
838 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA
Spicy tuna don in 29 mentions
Black cod in 4 mentions
Agedashi tofu in 6 mentions
Grilled tuna belly in 19 mentions
Miso soup in 17 mentions
506 E Live Oak Ave, Arcadia, CA
Sweet shrimp in 8 mentions
Japanese burrito in 4 mentions
Salmon belly in 5 mentions
Pepper salmon in 4 mentions
Sea urchin in 4 mentions
1423 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA
Spicy miso ramen in 87 mentions
Yakisoba in 4 mentions
Shoyu ramen in 8 mentions
Gyoza in 5 mentions
Fried rice in 15 mentions
713 W Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA
Sashimi salad in 3 mentions
Salmon sashimi in 9 mentions
Lunch special in 3 mentions
Sweet shrimp in 6 mentions
Fried chicken in 2 mentions
400 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA
Tofu salad in 13 mentions
Fried rice in 5 mentions
Garlic shrimp rice in 16 mentions
Ramen noodles in 4 mentions
Calamari salad in 4 mentions
414 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA
Baked salmon in 4 mentions
Tempura ice cream in 27 mentions
Tempura roll in 4 mentions
Salmon roll in 4 mentions
Lobster roll in 4 mentions
127 S 1st Ave, Arcadia, CA
Halo halo in 17 mentions
Ube ice cream in 14 mentions
921 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA
Hand rolls in 13 mentions
Beef teriyaki in 11 mentions
White fish in 4 mentions
Tempura ice cream in 7 mentions
Green tea in 6 mentions
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