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About us
DishTip, owned by TipSense LLC, was created by the founders of WeatherBonk (acquired by The Weather Channel in 2007) and AppCrawlr.com, the most advanced semantic-based search engine for discovering apps.

AppCrawlr and DishTip are powered by the TipSense platform, which provides breakthrough capabilities in areas such as search, recommendation, rendering readable topic models, summarization, content shaping, and guided discovery.

About the TipSense platform
The TipSense solution is a next generation content discovery and knowledge extraction platform that offers breakthrough capabilities in content fingerprinting, readable topic models, feature extraction, and advanced statistical methods to extract value from unstructured content and offer value in guided discovery, content shaping and summarization, and semantic search.

The TipSense platform was engineered from the ground up and goes beyond the capabilities of existing data mining, big data analytics, and traditional Bayesian and LDA models. Central to the platform are new core technologies such as conceptual entity recognition and content fingerprinting that boost the signal to a much higher level than previously possible. These systems are augmented with NLP, topic modeling, and other advanced statistical methods, resulting in a platform that is able to understand any type of unstructured content, and then transform it into new actionable 'first-class' data.

The TipSense platform is able to associate content to concepts and topics in a user-facing manner. This format can provide unprecedented capabilities in enhancing and enriching existing content targeting models based on the actual underlying data.

By leveraging topics, concepts, sentiments, and highly contextualized content fingerprints trained against orthogonal domains to generate highly domain specific models, the TipSense platform improves the usefulness and relevance of search results. By breaking away from the limitations of matching keywords and descriptions, the TipSense platform can transform vast amounts of unstructured and semi-structured content into a fully annotated conceptual model.

The TipSense platform powers appcrawlr.com and dishtip.com and can also be extended to other large content domains including social, retail, search, reviews and more. More information about the TipSense platform is available here.

About DishTip: what to eat & where.
DishTip is a sophisticated food discovery application that analyzes millions of reviews, photos, and related content across the web to help you find the best dishes at restaurants.
signature dishes & hidden gems
As a foodie, you're passionate about always knowing the best restaurants that serve your favorite dishes — even if it's at a hole-in-the-wall or located across town. DishTip diligently scours the web to find all of the best dishes and ensures that no top dish gets away. You'll never again have to worry that you missed out on a great meal that was just a few blocks away.
fight food fragmentation
There are so many restaurant and food websites that it has become a bit overwhelming to navigate. When you're ready to order, the last thing you want to do is read through hundreds of reviews to figure out what is best. On the other hand, so many of the user generated content and recommendation sites have spotty coverage or are susceptible to bias from their specific community. DishTip offers a transformative tool to give you the best of both worlds. With DishTip, you pretty much can’t go wrong ordering a dish ranked in the top 5% with hundreds of positive mentions.
dig in deeper
DishTip's semantic technology lets you drill down to a much more granular level than previously available. You may filter by flavors, courses, and ingredients as well as by price and cuisines. If you're not feeling like a certain type of food for dinner, you may exclude them by clicking the 'x' in the filters tab.
culinary compass
When you travel to a new city, DishTip allows you to get your culinary bearings very quickly. Locals will wonder how you already know about the best places for red velvet cupcakes.
Upload your own photos of dishes. Track dishes you want and have tried. Rate and review dishes you've tried.
we'd love to hear from you
We hope if you spend just a few minutes on DishTip searching for dishes, exploring the analytics-based recommendations and using the various filters and features, you will discover your next great meal.

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions you might have.
* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.